jeudi 17 juillet 2008


Shaykh Abul Hassan, in his commentary of the Rissalah of Ibn Abi Zaid, in red, in the chapter of Jihad, wrote:

"(And the protection [to a non-Muslim] from the lowest of the Muslims is permissible) [and the lowest of the Muslims] is the miserable man, who, if he is absent, is not awaited for; and if he is present, is not consulted, ([and have to be respected] by the rest of the Muslims), even more so the protection of the noble person; and this [protection] is for a definite number of people, and as to the people of a whole region or a country, protection cannot be granted except by the ruler (sultan); if it is granted by another person than him, he can cancel it if he wishes so.

Note: It is said in “The Jawahir”: The condition for the [granting of] protection is that it does not harm the Muslims, so if a spy or one who is harming the Muslims is granted protection, it cannot be observed.

Protection is made effective with a clear enunciation or [even] by an indirect declaration, or an understandable indication. (And so it is for that of a woman) her protection is permissible (and a boy) like her, it is permissible (if he understand [what is] the protection), namely, if he knows that to violate the protection is forbidden and entails punishment, and its fulfilment is rewarded […]

mardi 1 juillet 2008

Sidi Muhammad Ibn Suleyman al-Jazuli

"Ahmed Baba and al-Fasi and others mentioned in “al-Mir’ah” that when they carried [Imam al-Jazuli, author of “Dala’il ul-Khayrat”] to Marrakesh – and the one carrying him was the Sultan Abul Abbas Ahmed known as al-‘A’raj, and that was 77 years after his death (he had been buried in al-Jazulah), they find him not to have changed at all; and the earth did not ate his body, to the point that the trace of shavings from his hair on his head and his beard were still visible as if it had been the day of his death. Some of them put a finger on his face and the blood became concentrated in the spot where the finger were; and if the finger was lifted, the blood was returning as it occurs for the living."

(Al-Talidi, Shaikh Abd Allah Ibn Abd al-Qadir, “Al-Mutrib bi Mashahiri Awliyail Maghreb”, Dar al-Aman, 2003, pp. 146)