samedi 10 janvier 2009

Israel-Palestine conflict

Muhammad Mekki est né en Afrique du Sud ou il a vécu un temps avant d'aller vivre en Israel. De confession juive jusqu'à novembre 2008, Muhammad s'est finalement converti à l'islam. Il nous livre ici, en anglais (traduction disponible dans peu de temps), ses impressions au sujet de l' état hébreux et de la situation abominable depuis le début de la guerre à Gaza, qui a déjà fait des centaines de morts et des milliers de bléssés:

"When I was at university in South Africa, my country of birth, the then Israeli Ambassador came to give a talk about the situation in the Middle East to students of politics. The talk was extremely narrow in scope and she used nothing but bible scriptures to back up Israel's right to be in the Middle East. This immediately made me understand Israel's belief on conflict as the stories quoted from the bible were about conquering and war; i.e. they see it as their religious right to kill for land which they believe their god has given them. This mentality actually contradicts proper Judaism, as proper Judaism holds the belief that Israel is a spiritual state which will only take on a physical form with the arrival of a messiah at the end of days who will lead the people into the land. Zionism jumps the gun and suggests that Israel has a geographical reality today, undermining religion and deceiving people if not also exaggerating the numbers dead in the
Holocaust to inspire compassion.

Have a look into the Israeli psyche and you will not find any faithfulness to the bible of how Jews should behave, it is only used against their enemies or opponents or those who dare to challenge their abuses of human rights. Israelis preach peace but well know that according to their religion Israel is by no means allowed to make peace with most of the Arab nations as this has been forbidden by prophets of old. The implication of this is complete annihilation of the Arab world as the Biblical State of Israel includes most of her Arab neighbours; part of Syria,Jordan,Lebanon, Saudi Arabia and so on. This ancient map could be found on the back of some agarot coins which is the equal of cents in the west.

Furthermore it is well-known that Israel is nothing but a police station for America in the Middle East, which is why it has its almost complete backup and continues to exist. As a past practitioner of Kabala (Jewish Mysticism), I came across a plan in which the globe was cut up into sectors for military operation. Israel fell within the 20/40 geographical window and its sectors name is Archangel Michael. The belief held by Jews is that non-Jews are not completely human because they are not chosen or obedient to the One God and this gives rise to the justification of killing in the name of State and God. This belief in the supremacy of a nation backfired in Germany in the 40's and manifested in South Africa shortly afterwards with the apartheid system and is now evident in Israel’s behaviour in Gaza and the West Bank. According to religious beliefs non-Jews are last on the existing level in this physical world as well as the meta-physical. First there
is God and the Council of God and then the Angelic creatures, then Jews and animals of all kind. After this come the satanic or demonic fallen world and last you have the goy (non-believers) i.e. non-Jews. Israelis claim to be the people chosen by God for a reason not explained by anyone but it is becoming clear that this has dark implications for the future of this planet.

Should you have a closer look on the situation in the Middle East it is evident that the real war is not only for the land, nor just for Jerushaliam but a war between Darkness and Light, people who have elevated and exalted themselves above ordinary humans. Israel is a proper manifestation of this most evil of human tendencies and the West stands arms folded while which might escalate into a holocaust happens on its very doorsteps. The war in the Middle East is not against a Jewish state called Israel. The war in the Middle East is between the children of the Light, the rightful owners and inheritors of this planet and the proud people, followers of Satan himself."
(Muhammad Mekki)

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